Andrea Dalessandro was born in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty, the worldwide symbol of freedom and opportunity.  The mission of her life has been to fight for increased freedom and opportunity for all the people with whom she comes in contact.

Residing in Sahuarita, she has immersed herself in civic, community, local and regional service. Even though her parents were of very modest means, Andrea was given the opportunity to attend college and become a mathematics teacher.  A scholarship to college covered the tuition, and her numerous part-time jobs covered fees, books and transportation.  Andrea knows the meaning of hard work.

Early teachers for Andrea included her parents.  Sound budgeting was learned from her stay-at-home mom.  From her World War II Army veteran father, who worked as a carpenter on the railroad, she learned a solid work ethic.

Andrea is passionate about support for public education at all levels.  Lack of adequate support of public education negatively impacts national security, reduces real-estate values, and prevents economic development.   Andrea is committed to give the students of Arizona the opportunity she had in order for them to become productive and prosperous adults.

After receiving her college degree, Andrea taught high school mathematics at an inner city school for more than a decade.  She continued her education with a Master’s degree and courses in school supervision and administration.  When opportunities for women increased, Andrea enrolled at Rutgers University and completed a Masters of Business Administration in Professional Accounting.   While at Rutgers she received a scholarship from IBM.  She is proud that she was able to pass all parts on the Certified Public Accountant examination at one sitting while working at Price Waterhouse.  Andrea’s thorough knowledge of tax policy enabled her to work for several corporations in the New York metropolitan area as a tax manager.

While Andrea enjoyed the challenges of life in the corporate world, she also wanted to devote more time for community involvement.    Andrea volunteered to serve on several faith-based boards that helped homeless people transition into homes and employment.   Andrea returned to her undergraduate alma mater to teach accounting, when she was recruited by Rutgers University to teach a variety of courses to undergraduates, including governmental accounting.

For more than 25 years, Andrea operated her own tax practice where she helped both families and small businesses.  When she closed her practice in December 2006, many of her clients were distraught enough that they offered to double her fees if she would stay in business

Andrea Dalessandro’s ability to move from one phase of her life to another serves her well in her path as she runs for State Representative in Legislative District 2 which encompasses Davis Monthan AFB, parts of the southern Tucson, the City of South Tucson, the I-19 corridor including Green Valley, Sahuarita, Amado and  Arivaca, and all of Santa Cruz County.   Andrea was the Democratic candidate for Legislative District 30 Representative in 2008 and 2010.   With the help of her hard working volunteers, she received more votes in 2010 than any other Democratic legislative candidate statewide.

Starting in early 2007, Andrea attended so many sessions of the state legislature that she was often accused of being a lobbyist.  Andrea said, “No, I am not a lobbyist, but I believe the voters southern Arizona deserve the best qualified representative possible to face the challenges that have been ignored for too long.”   Many voters have asked Andrea to run to represent them, because she already monitors the activities in Phoenix so closely via legislative alerts.

 Andrea has one daughter, Michele, who is a nurse/midwife. Andrea is also the proud grandmother of five.

Southern AZ and Legislative District 2  need a strong voice in the state legislature;  Andrea Dalessandro wants to be that voice.