You just can't make this stuff up. I will let you know when they get the incessant glitches out and when E-Qual for $5 contributions is finally operating properly.
Update on AZ Secretary of State Michelle Reagan
E-qual for Clean Elections Qualifying $5 Contributions. (QC)
1. Should have be up and running Tuesday, August 1. Did not happen
2. Wed, August 2 Candidates were directed to create their QC page through Running for Office rather than Campaign Finance. Very illogical.
3. Thurs August 3 After entering my Driver’s License and date of birth-MY name does not appear as someone I can give $5 to. Answer from SOS Problem with Pima County Precinct names.
4. Try to donate to my campaign but after I say yes, I am on a PayPal page without an invoice. Never asks for Credit Card number but it says I have donated.
5. Try to donate QC to David Shapira who I have endorsed for Superintendent of Public Instruction-same thing happens.
6. A friend in LD 9 reports that MY NAME appears on HIS list of people he can donate to. Please note only LD 2 Voters may contribute to a LD 2 Senator.
7. Something that used to take 5 minutes to set up, has already taken 4 days.

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